Annalee Newitz, The Future of Another Timeline

Orbit, 2019. 1e druk. Pocket.

"Geologists agreed that the timeline was constantly in flux. Travelers exposed to edits returned with memories of lost histories, previous versions of the timeline they had witnessed ... Every month we had a research meeting at my best friend Anita's house in Brentwood, close to the UCLA campus where we worked. There, we did a lot more than share discoveries and scotch. We made plans to edit history."*

Hayford Peirce, Napoleon Disentimed

Bantam Books, 1989. 1e druk. Pocket. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

The MacNair - conman extraordinaire - never expected to be propelled into an alternate universe where Napoleon conquered England and now, in the last decade of the twentieth century, France rules the world.*

Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter, The Long Mars

The Long Earth, deel 3
Doubleday, 2014. 1e druk. Paperback. De aarde is in 2040 onleesbaar geworden en de mensheid vlucht in alternatieve aardes, de long earth.*

Julian Rathbone, Trajectories

Uncorrected book proof
Gollancz, 1997. 1e druk. Paperback. "contrasts the idyll that was the origin of our species with its final decades in a polluted, doomed environment". Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Mike Resnick (red.), Nebula Awards Showcase 2007

The Year's Best SF and Fantasy
Roc, 2007. 1e druk. Paperback. Korte verhalen en artikelen.

Alastair Reynolds, Blue Remembered Earth

Gollancz, 2012. Uncorrected Bound Proof. Paperback.

One hundred and fifty years from now, in a world where Africa is the dominant technological and economic power, and where crime, war, disease and poverty have been banished to history, Geoffrey Akinya wants only one thing: to be left in peace, so that he can continue his studies into the elephants of the Amboseli basin. But Geoffrey's family, the vast Akinya business empire, has other plans. After the death of Eunice, Geoffrey's grandmother, erstwhile space explorer and entrepreneur, something awkward has come to light on the Moon, and Geoffrey is tasked - well, blackmailed, really - to go up there and make sure the family's name stays suitably unblemished. But little does Geoffrey realise - or anyone else in the family, for that matter - what he's about to unravel. Eunice's ashes have already have been scattered in sight of Kilimanjaro. But the secrets she died with are about to come back out into the open, and they could change everything. Or shatter this near-utopia into shards . . . *

Alastair Reynolds, Poseidon's Wake

Poseidon's Children, part 3

Gollancz, 2015. 1e druk. Paperback.

Mankind has reached the stars. Now we are trying to unravel the heart of the universe, but all discoveries are dangerous and some mysteries might be safest left unexplored...*

Alastair Reynolds, Terminal World

Orion, 2010. 1e druk. Paperback. TERMINAL WORLD is a snarling, drooling, crazy-eyed mongrel of a book: equal parts steampunk, western, planetary romance and far-future SF. *

Adam Roberts, Bête

Gollancz, 2015. Paperback.

A man is about to kill a cow. He discusses life and death and his right to kill with the compliant animal. He begins to suspect he may be about to commit murder. But kills anyway ...

It began when the animal rights movement injected domestic animals with artificial intelligences in a bid to have the status of animals realigned by the international court of human rights. But what is an animal that can talk? Where does its intelligence end at its machine intelligence begin? And where might its soul reside?

As we place more and more pressure on the natural world and become more and more divorced Adam Roberts' new novel posits a world where nature can talk back, and can question us and our beliefs.

Roberts is an award winning author at the peak of his powers and each new novel charts an exciting new direction while maintaining a uniformly high level of literary achievement.*

Al Robertson, Crashing Heaven

Uncorrected Manuscript Proof

Gollancz, 2015. 1e druk. Paperback.

With Earth abandoned, humanity resides on Station, an industrialised asteroid run by the sentient corporations of the Pantheon. Under their leadership a war has been raging against the Totality - ex-Pantheon AIs gone rogue.*

Kim Stanley Robinson, 2312

Uncorrected Bound Proof
Orbit, 2012. 1e druk. Paperback. Sterk SF-roman, gezet in het jaar 2312.*

Kin Stanley Robinson, Aurora

Orbit, 2015. Paperback. "the incredible story of our first voyage beyond the solar system."*
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Rudy Rucker, Postsingular

Tor, 2007. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Alt-cultural folk strive to save Earth from digitized doom in this novel from the prince of gonzo SF. A computer mogul's threat to replace messy reality with clean virtuality and by a memory-hungry artificial intelligence called the Big Pig propels nanotechnologist Ond Lutter, his autistic son, Chu, and their allies on an interdimensional quest for a golden harp, the Lost Chord, strung with hypertubes that can unroll the eighth dimension and unleash limitless computing power. Though he tries to unite the hard and the fuzzy sides of physics, Rucker (Mathematicians in Love) favors the flower power of San Francisco over the number crunching of Silicon Valley. His novel vibrates with the warm rhythms of dream and imagination, not the cold logic of programming (or, for that matter, plotting). Playing with the math of quantum computing, encryption and virtual reality, Rucker places his faith in people who find true reality gnarly enough to love.*

Robert J. Sawyer, Rollback

Tor, 2007. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Canadian author Sawyer (Mindscan) once again presents likable characters facing big ethical dilemmas in this smoothly readable near-future SF novel. Astronomer Sarah Halifax, who translated the first message from aliens and helped prepare humanity's response, is 87 when the second, encrypted message arrives 38 years later. To aid the decoding, a tycoon buys rejuvenation treatment for Sarah and Don, her husband of 60 years; however, only Don becomes young again. While coping with the physical indignities of old age, Sarah tries to figure out the puzzle of the second message. The bond between Don and Sarah continues, even while Don is joyfully and guiltily discovering the pleasures of living in a young body again. They want to do what's right for each other and the rest of humanity—for the aliens, too—if they can figure out what "right" could be. By its nature, a story about moral choices tends to get talky, but the talk is intelligent and performed by sympathetic and believable people. Sawyer, who has won Hugo and Nebula awards, may well win another major SF award with this superior effort.

Robert Silverberg, Reflections & Refractions

Thoughts on SF, Science and Other Matters
Underwood, 1997. Essays van Silverberg. 1e druk. Ingebonden. In foedraal. Gelimiteerd tot 300 genummerde en gesigneerde exemplaren.

Space 1999: Collison Course


Orbit, 1975. 1e druk. Pocket. Roman naar de SF-tv serie. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Space: 1999. Astral Quest

Orbit, 1975. 1e druk. Pocket. Roman naar de SF-tv serie. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Space: 1999. Android Planet


Orbit, 1976. 1e druk. Pocket. Roman naar de SF-tv serie. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Space: 1999. Planets of Peril

Star, 1977. 1e druk. Pocket. Roman naar de SF-tv serie. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Brian Stableford, The Way to Write Science Fiction

Londen, 1989. 1e druk. Paperback. Gesigneerd door de auteur. Antiquarisch; zeer goede staat (eigenaarsstempel op eerste schutblad).*

Paul Stanton, Village of Stars

Joseph, 1960. 1e druk. Ingebonden (stofomslag ontbreekt).

Philip Strick, Science Fiction Movies

The Movie Treasure
Galley Press, 1979. 1e druk. Ingebonden. De geschiedenis van de SF-film, van "Metropolis" en "War of the Worlds" tot "2001" en "Clockwork Orange". Met veel foto's. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Charless Stross, Singularity Sky

Orbit, 2003. "In the 21st Century life is changed by the invention of faster-than-light space travel and by the creation of a sentient computer". 1e druk. Ingebonden.

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Charles Stross, The Jennifer Morgue

Orbit, 2006. 1e druk. Pocket. `Bob Howard, computer ubergeek, has a problem. Software millionaire Ellis Billington has managed to get his hands on a Soviet Cold War device that permits communication with the dead. He plans to use it to raise an eldritch horror to rule the world.´*

Tricia Sullivan, Dreaming in Smoke

Orion, 1998. 1e druk. Paperback. Wetenschappers leven op vijandige planeet. En dan gaat de computer die ze moet beschermen  kapot. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Tom Sweterlitsch, The Gone World

Headline, 2015. 1e druk. Paperback. Can NCIS Special Agent Shannon Moss successfully manipulate time travel to help her solve a murder case from the past? The latest sci-fi thriller from the author of TOMORROW & TOMORROW.*

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Cage of Souls

Head Zeus, 2019. Paperback. The Sun is bloated, diseased, dying perhaps. Beneath its baneful light, Shadrapar, last of all cities, harbours fewer than 100,000 human souls. Built on the ruins of countless civilisations, surviving on the debris of its long-dead progenitors, Shadrapar is a museum, a midden, an asylum, a prison on a world that is ever more alien to humanity.*

Lavie Tidhar, The Violent Century

Hodder, 2014. 1e druk. Paperback.

For seventy years they guarded the British Empire. Oblivion and Fogg, inseparable friends, bound together by a shared fate. Until one night in Berlin, in the aftermath of the Second World War, and a secret that tore them apart.*

Jonathan Trigell, Genus

Corsair, 2011. 1e druk. Pocket. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

In the Britain of a few tomorrows time, physical perfection is commonplace and self improvement has become an extinct expression: all the qualities men and women could aspire to can be purchased prior to birth. GENUS is a time of genetic selection and enrichment - life chances come on a sliding scale according to wealth. For some there is no money or choice, and an underclass has evolved; London's King's Cross, or The Kross as it is now known, has become a ghetto for the Unimproved. In The Kross, the natural, the dated, the cheap and the dull, live a brittle and unenviable existence. But unrest is growing; tension is mounting and a murderer is abroad in these dark quarters... Acclaimed author Jonathan Trigell's third novel is a breathtaking tour de force, exploring a dystopia of the not-too-distant-a future which will leave readers wondering not 'what if', as the original audience of Huxley's Brave New World did, but 'when'. Praise for Jonathan Trigell: 'A compelling narrative, a beautifully structured piece of writing, and a thought-provoking novel of ideas. It's a wonderful debut.' - Sarah Waters, Chair of the Judges for the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize on Boy A 'A fine and moving debut novel... compulsively readable... a rare treat' The Independent on Boy A 'Does for extreme winter sports what Alex Garland's The Beach did for backpacking.' - Financial Times on Cham. *

Vernor Vinge, The Collected Stories

Londen, 2008. 1e druk. Paperback. Collectie van 17 SF-verhalen, elk voorzien met een inleiding door de auteur.

Ren Watson, Virology

Titan Books, 2017. 1e druk. Paperback. Het verhaal van Shock en zijn vrienden zet zich voort; zowel op de vlucht en op onderzoek wie de nieuwe epidemie begonnen is. Cyberpunk.*

Andy Weir, The Martian

New York, 2014. Paperback. t relates the story of Mark Watney’s escape from being marooned on Mars. A member of the crew on the third living mission to Mars, Watney is struck in a storm when the mission formally aborts and must use his wits and the sharply limited physical resources available to him to make his way to a site from which he can be extracted. *

H.G. Wells, The First Men in the Moon

Airmont Classics Series CL78. 1965. Oorspronkelijk verschenen in 1901. Met een inleiding van A.W. Lowndes. Pocket. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Kate Wilhelm, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Orb, 1998. "An isolated post-holocaust community is determined to preserve itself." 1e druk. Paperback.

David Wingrove, Chung Kuo

Delacorte Press, 1990. 1e druk. Ingebonden. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

The Year is 2190. China has once again become a world unto itself and this time its only boundary is space . . . The world is City Earth, ruled by the Seven, China's new kings. Beautiful, controlled, sensual, this high-tech society is rushing toward war between the forces of West and East, between the rebels who hunger for change and the overlords who demand stability, between the very powers of darkness and light. It will be an era of violent conflagration destined to expose the basest elements of human nature . . . and the highest dreams. An epic that draws us into an alternative world so real, so complete that we become denizens of the new Middle Kingdom, touched by longings we never imagined. . . driven by forces as ancient as man's first breath. Not since Asminov's Foundation books and Herbert's Dune has there been such a majestic and powerful vision of a believable other world. . . seductive, chilling, unforgettable!

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David Wingrove, The Immortals of Science Fiction

Pierrot, 1980. 1e druk. Ingebonden. Platenboek over onsterfelijke wezens uit de SF, zoals Susan Calvin uit Asimovs I, Robot. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Elizabeth Wolheim (red.), Daw SF 30th Anniversary

Uncorrected proof
Daw, 2002. Collectie korte verhalen. Paperback.

Elizabeth Wolheim (red.), Daw SF 30th Anniversary

Daw, 2002. Collectie korte verhalen. Ingebonden.

David Wong, What the Hell Did I Just Read?

Titan Books, 2017. Pocket. NYT bestselling author Wong takes readers to a whole new level with his latest dark comic sci-fi thriller, set in the world of John Dies at the End and This Book is Full of Spiders

Dave, John and Amy recount what seems like a fairly straightforward tale of a shape-shifting creature from another dimension that is stealing children and brainwashing their parents, but it eventually becomes clear that someone is lying, and that someone is the narrators. *

Star Wars

Oberon, 1977. 1e druk. Paperback. Geïllustreerd. "Een adembenemende blik achter de schermen van de meest fantastische film ooit gemaakt". Antiquarisch: goede staat.