Poseerbare beelden van ca. 30 cm.

The many heroic and indelible characters who populated The Lord of the Rings film series, are also among the most familiar and cherished images in Hollywood history. Sideshow Collectibles, a specialty manufacturer of iconic television and film collectibles, in association with New Line Cinema, is currently producing a line of Lord of the Rings Premium Format figures. This 1:4 scale figure line follows a very successful Lord of the Rings collectibles line, created when Sideshow Collectibles partnered with award winner effects studio, WETA workshop, to produce more than 180 high-end, collectable statues, busts, and helms. Sideshow Collectibles has worked closely in the past with New Line Cinema on licensed 12-inch figures from New Line's House of Horror, including such films as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And, starting in second-quarter 2006, Sideshow Collectible's own Lord of the Rings range will expand to include 12-inch figures from the landmark film series.

The adventures and exploits of Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, and their allies and enemies became touchstones of modern literature when first conceived by author J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings. Three landmark film adaptations from New Line Cinema won 17 Academy Awards(R) and introduced Tolkien's incomparable vision to a vast new audience of devotees. Sideshow Collectibles' line of 12-inch Lord of the Rings figures is sure to be as sought after as their other collectible figure lines.

Sideshow's 12-inch posable figures feature more than 30 points of articulation. The figures will combine intricate, layered costuming, action-oriented body poses, and will come fully equipped with weapons, shields, and other authentic accessories.

Leverbaar vanaf voorjaar 2006.


Aragorn 12". Sideshow Exclusive


  • Authentic likeness of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn from The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Fully articulated male body with 30+ points of articulation
  • Authentic costume includes:
    • Grey Shirt
    • Sleeveless Jerkin
    • Trousers
    • Long Duster
    • Ranger Belt
    • Boots
  • Accessories include:
    • Oil Pouch
    • Sharpening Stone Pouch
    • The Evenstar Pendant
    • Utility Knife
    • Sword
    • Sword Scabbard including Utility Knife Scabbard
    • Bow
    • Arrows x 5
    • Quiver
    • Arrow Sleeve
    • Bed Roll
    • exclusief tot deze set: pijp
  • Unique hands:
    • Gloved Right hand
    • Sword Grip Left Hand w/ Ring
    • Gesturing Left Hand w/ Ring
  • Sideshow 12-Inch Figure Display Base with Lord of the Rings logo
  • Gelimiteerd tot 1250 stuks*

Boromir 12". SS9209

The 12-inch Boromir figure includes:

·        Fully articulated male body with 30+ points of articulation

·        Authentic likeness of Sean Bean as Boromir

·        Detailed costume including:

o       Surcoat

o       Shirt with ‘Chainmail’ Sleeves

o       Tunic

o       Pants

o       Boots

o       Vambraces

o       Detailed belt


·        Accessories including:

o       Sword & Scabbard

o       Shield w/ strap

o       Dagger & Scabbard

o       Horn of Gondor

o       Gloved hands

o       12-Inch Figure Display Base with Lord of the Rings logo


Compelled by a dream and the request of his father, Boromir, heir to the stewardship of Gondor and the finest warrior of the realm, travels the long and weary road to the Elven haven of Rivendell.  In the halls of the Lord Elrond, Boromir seeks answers to the riddles of his dream amid the collected relics of ages past and the quiet wisdom of the Elves. His appearance is timely, for Elrond has called a great meeting, attended by emissaries from all the free peoples of Middle-earth, there to discuss the threat of Mordor and the question of the Dark Lord Sauron’s lost treasure. 


At the Council it is learned that the One Ring, the weapon of the enemy, has been found, but disagreement over what to do with it ignites angry debate.  To Boromir’s mind, the path is clear; the Ring is a gift, a mighty boon for the West, which might be wielded to thwart and destroy the invading armies of Mordor.  Leading his people in countless battles against Orcs and their allies, Boromir knows well the cost of their long defense in lives.  Many warriors and friends has he lost, and the empire he stands to inherit is undermined by division and doubt.  The One Ring would be a rallying point for his people, a turning of the tide that would at last halt the long, slow defeat and bring victory and glory to Gondor.  More than this, the Ring itself calls to him; a great and noble destiny promised and proffered, his for the taking.


But the Council decides not to use the Ring, instead choosing to destroy it in the hope of thereby undoing the power of the Dark Lord.  It is a quest of folly to Boromir, suicidal and ultimately vain, but abide by the decision of the Wise he does, swearing himself to the protection of the Ringbearer and joining the small company that must insure his success.  Boromir is noble and brave, and willing to suffer injury and death in the service of freedom, but ever the thought of the Ring and its power, so foolishly refused, gnaws at him, invading his waking thoughts and occupying his dreams.  Is this truly a gift to be scorned, or does the hope of Gondor’s deliverance lie but a few feet from his grasp?


Artist(s): Oluf Hartvigson