Legolas 12". SS9208

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Fully articulated male body with 30+ points of articulation

Authentic likeness of Orlando Bloom as Legolas


Detailed costume including:


Mirkwood Tunic




Accessories including:

Mirkwood Bow

Mirkwood Arrows x 5

Mirkwood Quiver with knife


Mirkwood knives x 2


Interchangeable hands, including:

Bow grip left

Sword grip right

Arrow grip right

12-Inch Figure Display Base with The Lord of the Rings logo


An Elf prince from the forest kingdom of Mirkwood, Legolas joined the Fellowship as a representative of his people, and vowed to protect Frodo in his quest through the power of his mighty bow. Legolas possesses the keen eyesight and sharp ears characteristic of his race. His endurance, keen sight, and fighting skills were of great help to the Fellowship, but his loyalty and friendship were even greater assets to his companions. Legolas grew fond of the Hobbits and he loved and supported Aragorn, but the strongest bond he formed was his unlikely friendship with Gimli the dwarf.

Artist(s): Andy Bergholtz (portfolio)\

Product Type: 12-inch Figure

Product Size: 12" H (304mm)*