Science Fiction


Jay Amory, The Clouded World

Gollancz, 2008. 1e druk. Paperback. In de luchtsteden dreigt een burgeroorlog onder de Airborn.*

Kevin J. Anderson, Hidden Empire

The Saga of Seven Suns. Book one
Earthlight, 2002. "Mankind discovers a device that can transform gas giants into new suns. But was it wise enough to wield the power of the gods?" 1e druk. Paperback.

Kevin J. Anderson, Captain Nemo

New York, 2002. Een pseudo-biografie van de Jules Verne held. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Poul Anderson, For Love and Glory

Tor, 2003. Twee archeologen ontdekken een belangrijk artefact op een verre planeet. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Poul Anderson, The Enemy Stars

Coronet, 1979. 3de druk. Pocket. Een ruimteschip zit gevangen in de zwaartekracht van een dode ster. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Neal Asher, The Skinner

Uncorrected book proof

Iain M. Banks, Suface Details

Orbit, 2010. 1e druk. Paperback.

It begins in the realm of the Real, where matter still matters. It begins with a murder. And it will not end until the Culture has gone to war with death itself. Lededje Y'breq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit. Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release, when it comes, is at a price, and to put things right she will need the help of the Culture. Benevolent, enlightened and almost infinitely resourceful though it may be, the Culture can only do so much for any individual. With the assistance of one of its most powerful - and arguably deranged - warships, Lededje finds herself heading into a combat zone not even sure which side the Culture is really on. A war - brutal, far-reaching - is already raging within the digital realms that store the souls of the dead, and it's about to erupt into reality. It started in the realm of the Real and that is where it will end. It will touch countless lives and affect entire civilizations, but at the centre of it all is a young woman whose need for revenge masks another motive altogether. *

Iain M. Banks, The Hydrogen Sonata

A Culture Novel
Orbit, 2012. Paperback.

The Scavenger species are circling. It is, truly, the End Days for the Gzilt civilization.

An ancient people, organized on military principles and yet almost perversely peaceful, the Gzilt helped set up the Culture ten thousand years earlier and were very nearly one of its founding societies, deciding not to join only at the last moment. Now they've made the collective decision to follow the well-trodden path of millions of other civilizations; they are going to Sublime, elevating themselves to a new and almost infinitely more rich and complex existence.

Amid preparations though, the Regimental High Command is destroyed. Lieutenant Commander (reserve) Vyr Cossont appears to have been involved, and she is now wanted - dead, not alive. Aided only by an ancient, reconditioned android and a suspicious Culture avatar, Cossont must complete her last mission given to her by the High Command. She must find the oldest person in the Culture, a man over nine thousand years old, who might have some idea what really happened all that time ago. It seems that the final days of the Gzilt civilization are likely to prove its most perilous.*

Max Barry, Jennifer Government

Advance reading copy
Doubleday, 2003. "In the near future, the world is run by giant American corporations". Paperback.

Max Barry, Lexicon

Mulholland, 2013. 1e druk. Paperback.

Two years ago, something terrible was unleashed in an Australian mining town called Broken Hill. Thousands died. 

Few people know what really happened.

Emily Ruff is one of them. She belongs to an elite organisation of 'poets': masters of manipulation who use language to warp others to their will. She was one of their most promising recruits until she made a catastrophic mistake: she fell in love.*

Max Berry, Providence

Putnam, 2020. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

From the award-winning author of Lexicon comes a mind-bending science fiction masterpiece in the tradition of The Martian and Arrival.

She is the ultimate weapon. She once served us. Now she's got her own plans.

Once we approached the aliens in peace...and they annihilated us. Now mankind has developed the ultimate killing machine, the Providence class of spaceship. 

With the ships' frightening speed, frightening intelligence and frightening weaponry, it's now the salamanders' turn to be their millions. 

The mismatched quartet of Talia, Gilly, Jolene and Anders are the crew on one of these destroyers. But with the ship's computers designed to outperform human decision-making in practically all areas, they are virtual bystanders. The Providence will take them to where the enemy are and she will dictate the strategy in any battle.

The crew's only job role is to publicise their glorious war to a sceptical Earth. Social media and video clips are their weapons in an endless charm offensive. Their chief enemy is not the space reptiles but each other and boredom. 

But then everything changes. A message comes from base: the Providence is going into the Violet Zone, where there are no beacons and no communications with Earth. It is the heart of the enemy empire - and now the crew are left to wonder whether this is a mission of ultimate destruction or, more sinisterly, of ultimate self-destruction....*

Stephen Baxter, Resplendent

Destiny's Children 4

Gollancz, 2006. 1e druk. Trade paperback. Collectie korte verhalen, alle rond de eeuwige strijd tegen de Xeelee.

Greg Bear, Darwin's Radio

HarperCollins, 1999. Een nieuw virus bedreigt de mensheid. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Greg Bear, Queen of Angels

Gollancz, 1990. 1e druk. Ingebonden. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

"set in 2047, it explores a world of highly advanced, cybernetically enhanced personalities"*

Gregory Benford, Beyond Infinity

Warner Books, 2004. In de zeer verre toekomst moet de laaste mens haar plaats in het Universum zien te vinden. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Alfred Bester, The Stars My Destination

Gollancz, 2010. Paperback. Met een nawoord van Neil Gaiman. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Gully Foyle, Mechanic's Mate 3rd Class. EDUCATION: none SKILLS: none MERITS: none RECOMMENDATIONS: none That's the official verdict on Gully Foyle, unskilled space crewman. But right now he is the only survivor on his drifting, wrecked spaceship, and when another space vessel - the Vorga - ignores his distress flares and sails by, Gully becomes obsessed with revenge. He endures 170 days alone in deep space before finding refuge on the Sargasso Asteroid and returning to Earth to track down the crew and owners of the Vorga. But, as he works out his murderous grudge, Gully Foyle also uncovers a secret of momentous proportions ... *

Ben Bova, Kinsman

Futura, 1981. Pocket. Een astronaut ontdekt dat ook in de ruimte moord geen vreemde is. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

Ray Bradbury Chronicles 2

NBM, 1992. Zes verhalen van Bradbury tot strip gemaakt. Gesigneerd door Bradbury en de striptekenaars. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar

Gollancz, 2014. 1e druk in deze vorm. Paperback.

There are seven billion-plus humans crowding the surface of 21st-century Earth. It is an age of intelligent computers, mass-market psychedelic drugs, politics conducted by assassination, scientists who burn incense to appease volcanoes ... all the hysteria of a dangerously overcrowded world, portrayed in a dazzlingly inventive style.

Moving, sensory, impressionistic, as jagged as the times it portrays, this book is a real mind stretcher - and yet beautifully orchestrated to give a vivid picture of the whole.*

Algis Budrys, Who?

Penguin SF, 1964. 1e druk als pocket. Veiligheidsofficier Rogers moet uit zien te vinden of the man achter het ijzeren masker inderdaad de verloren wetenschapper Martino is, of een Soviet spion. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Kenneth Calhoun, Black Moon

Hogarth, 2014. 1e druk. Paperback. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

The world has stopped sleeping. Restless nights have grown into days of panic, delirium and, eventually, desperation. But few and far between, sleepers can still be found - a gift they quickly learn to hide. For those still with the ability to dream are about to enter a waking nightmare.*

Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Giant

Tor, 2005. Vervolg op Endor's Shadow. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Orson Scott Card (red.), Future on Ice

Tor, 1998. Een collectie korte verhalen. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Orson Scott Card, The Memory of Earth

Homecoming, book 1

Tor, 1992. 1e druk. Ingebonden. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Malfunctioning due to its own failing system, the Oversaul, an artificial intelligence caring for the colonists on the planet Harmony, could bring about catastrophic war on the planet unless someone repairs it.

John Christopher, The Death of Grass

Penguin Modern Classics, 2009. Paperback. Met een inleiding van Robert Macfarlane. Het klassieke verhaal uit 1956 waarin de mensheid door een virus getroffen wordt door een wereldwijde hongersnood.*

Arthur C. Clarke en Stephen Baxter, Sunstorm

A Time Odyssey, book 2
Gollancz, 2005. In vijf jaar tijd zal de zon uitbarsten en de aarde vernietigen. 1e druk. Paperback.

Arthur C. Clarke en Stephen Baxter, Firstborn

A Time Odyssey 3

DelRey, 2007. Ingebonden.

Though supposedly the last volume of Clarke and Baxter's Time Odyssey series (after 2005's Sunstorm), this intriguing and frustrating installment of the high-octane space opera ends with an astounding cliffhanger just as humans have begun to confront the ancient and super-powerful Firstborn, who attack any species that might become a rival. Having barely survived a Firstborn-created solar flare, Earth now must cope with a meteor bomb approaching from deep space. Tensions rise between secretive, paranoid forces on Earth and equally suspicious groups among the Spacers, whose identification with humanity's home is waning. Meanwhile, in a pocket universe created by the Firstborn for some inscrutable purpose, slices from different Terran eons nervously adjust to each other. The narrative leaps about too much to develop characters, but Clarke has never been as interested in individuals as in humanity's ability to accept change as a species. It's too early to tell whether that theme will be enough to carry the story to a coherent conclusion.*

Eion Colfer, And Another Thing...

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 6

Hyperion, 2009. 1e druk. Paperback.

An Englishman’s continuing search through space and time for a decent cup of tea . . . Arthur Dent’s accidental association with that wholly remarkable book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has not been entirely without incident. Arthur has travelled the length, breadth and depth of known, and unknown, space. He has stumbled forwards and backwards through time. He has been blown up, reassembled, cruelly imprisoned, horribly released and colourfully insulted more than is strictly necessary. And, of course, he has comprehensively failed to grasp the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Arthur has, though, finally made it home to Earth. But that does not mean he has escaped his fate. For Arthur’s chances of getting his hands on a decent cuppa are evaporating along with the world’s oceans. Because no sooner has he arrived than he finds out that Earth is about to be blown up . . . again. And Another Thing . . . by Eoin Colfer is the rather unexpected, but very welcome, sixth instalment of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. It features a pantheon of unemployed gods, everyone’s favourite renegade Galactic President, a lovestruck green alien, an irritating computer and at least one very large slab of cheese *

Michael G. Coney, Syzygy

Elmfield Press, 1973. 1e druk. Ingebonden. Eens in de 52 jaar hebben de zes manen van Arcadia een verwoestende uitwerking op de planeet. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Dan Dare, The Man from Nowhere

Pilot of the Future
Dragon Dreams, 1980. Ingebonden (geen stofomslag uitgegeven). SF strip. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Dan Dare, Rogue Planet

Pilot of the Future
Dragon Dreams, 1981. Ingebonden (geen stofomslag uitgegeven). SF strip. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Diane Duane, Omnitopia Dawn

Daw, 2010. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

It's the first quarter of the twenty-first century, and "massively multiplayer" on-line games have been around for a couple of decades. In an increasingly wired and computer-friendly world they've become a form of entertainment so popular they're giving television and films a run for the money. And the most popular gaming universe of all is Omnitopia, created by genius programmer Dev Logan. *

Dominic Dulley, Shattermoon

JF, 2018. Uncorrected bound proof. Paperback.

Orry's father is the best conman in the quadrant, running elaborate heists with Orry and her brother Ethan to target the ruling families of the Ascendancy. This time should be no different: straight in and out with a fortune in spice paragon in hand . . .

. . . until Orry goes off-script and everything falls apart. Less than an hour later the Count of Delf's only grandson is dead and she's on the run, accused of a murder she didn't commit.

Turns out, the pendant Orry stole was crafted by the mysterious civilisation who once lived on the Shattermoon - and a lot of powerful people want it. It doesn't take ruthless space pirate Morven Dyas long to track her down, and he's not the only one on her tail. When she's unexpectedly rescued by loner Jurgen Mender and his spaceship, Dainty Jane, Orry knows there's only one thing to do.

It requires all of her powers of persuasion to get Mender to agree to her plan, especially when even she can see the madness of pitting an inexperienced young grifter, a space-dog long past his best and an obsolete spaceship against the Imperial Fleet, the worst of the space pirates - and the alien Kadiran, who are getting bored with their uneasy truce with humankind . . .*

Philip José Farmer, The Gate of Time

Orbit, 1977. Herdruk. Pocket. Een piloot uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog komt in een parallel universum terecht. Antiquarisch: goede staat.

Jaine Fenn, Principles of Angels

Gollancz, 2008. 1e druk. Paperback. Khesh City floats above the surface of the uninhabitable planet of Vellern. Topside, it's extravagant, opulent, luxurious; the Undertow is dark, twisted and dangerous. Khesh City is a place where nothing is forbidden - but it's also a democracy, of sorts, a democracy by assassination, policed by the Angels, the elite, state-sponsored killers who answer only to the Minister, their enigmatic master. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Jaine Fenn, Consorts of Heaven

Gollancz, 2009. 1e druk. Ingebonden.


Robert Ferrigno, Prayers for the Assassin

Advance reader's edition
Scribner, 2006. Vijfendertig jaar in de toekomst is Amerika een Islamitische republiek en in oorlog met de Bible Belt. Paperback.

Forg Sketchbook

Volume 8 in the Tundra Sketchbook Series
Tundra, 1991. 1e druk. Paperback. Tekeningen en schetsen van deze kunstenaar.

Alan Frank, Sci-Fi Now

10 Exciting Years of SF; from 2001 to Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Octopus, 1978. 1e druk. Paperback. Overzicht van de SF films, thematisch georganiseerd. Met veel foto's. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.

R.J. Frith, The Nemesis List

Tor, 2011. 1e druk. Pocket.

Humanity has expanded into the stars but at the price of its freedom. An autocratic and overbearing Government now rigidly controls every technical and scientific advancement. Deviation is punishable by death. Out on the edges of space, criminals thwart the law, making money out of illegal tech, their ships jumping from galaxy to galaxy to avoid detection. Ex-soldier Frank Pak doesn’t care about politics or breaking the law, he just wants to keep his ship running. When he’s offered a contract to escort a runaway back home to his loving family – he doesn’t ask questions. But his cargo is more dangerous than he realizes. Jeven Jones is no ordinary passenger. A result of illegal human experimentation, he’s a fast-tracked evolutionary leap into future. Thanks to his ability for perfect recall and a series of mental skills that he has no control over, Jones is a wanted man. The Government wants him dead. A fledgling revolution want to use him to unlock every advancement the Government has ever denied them. If Jones lives he’ll start a war. If he dies the entire future of humanity dies with him…*