Dimitra Fimi, Tolkien, Race and Cultural History

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From Fairies to Hobbits

Palgrave, 2009. 1e druk. Ingebonden (geen stofomslag uitgegeven).

This book presents an exploration of the evolution of Tolkien's mythology within the framework of its cultural and historical context. It contributes significantly to Tolkien studies, as well as understanding of many elements of popular culture in the pre-WW1 period. This is the first book to look at issues of race and ethnicity in Tolkien with any kind of historical knowledge Uniquely discusses Tolkien's early poems linking them with the literary/cultural history of the Edwardian period. It discusses Tolkien's most popular works ("The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings") within a wider context of the writer's creativity and personal mythology, and also examines often-neglected works such as the twelve volume "History of Middle-earth" series. This title includes 15 illustrations, including Tolkien's own drawings and sketches, and offers original research based on Tolkien's unpublished manuscripts.Fimi explores the evolution of Tolkien's mythology throughout his lifetime by examining how it changed as a result of his life story and contemporary cultural and intellectual history. This new approach and scope brings to light neglected aspects of Tolkien's imaginative vision and contextualises his fiction.*