Rainer Nagel, Hobbit Place-names

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A Linguistic Excursion through the Shire

Walking Tree, 2012. Paperback.

J.R.R. Tolkien's giving of names has garnered considerable attention in the linguistic analysis of Tolkien's works. Usually, however, the focus has been on singling out particular names of important individuals and places. Thorough analyses of names (place-names or personal ones) are usually reserved for Elvish names only.

Thus, this book centres on the place-names as found in the Shire as well as Breeland. All those names that are referenced on Tolkien's map of the Shire, plus those few that are not found on the map but men- tioned in the text, as well as four from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, are analysed as to their possible "etymologies" against the theoretical backdrop of real-world English place-name research. Tolkien's "own" (in-world) etymologies, insofar as they differ from the real-world ones, are also taken into consideration. Finally, all extant German translations (Scherf and Krege for The Hobbit, Carroux and Krege for The Lord of the Rings) of these names are given and, where necessary, com- pared. Other media (the films and the Hobbit graphic novel, in particular) are also covered. *