Thomas Honegger (red.), Reconsidering Tolkien

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Walking Tree Publication, 2005

Negen artikelen, zich vooral richtend op Tolkien als taalkundige. Inhoud: "Reconsidering the Linguistics of Middle-earth: Invented Languages and Other Linguistic Features in The Lord of the Rings" - Marion Gymnich, "Tolkien as Philo-Logist" - Eduardo Segura en Guillermo Peris, "Tolkien Through the Eyes of a Mediaevalist" - Thomas Honegger, "Thoughts on The Lord of the Rings and History" - Paul E. Kerry, "The Knife, the Sting and the Tooth: Manifestation of Shadow in The Lord of the Rings" - Natasa Tucev, "Mythic Space in Tolkien's Work" - Jean-Christophe Dufau, "Language, Lore and Learning in The Lord of the Rings" - Dirk Vanderbeke, "The Lord of the Rings in the Wake of the Great War: War, Poetry, Modernism and Ironic Myth" - Martin Simonson,  "'A Man, lean, dark, tall': Aragorn Seen Through Different Media" - Connie Veugen. 1e druk. Paperback.*