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Proceedings Tolkien Society Seminar, 1997

Bevat: "Grimm, Grundtvig, Tolkien: Nationalism and the Invention of Mythologies" by Tom Shippey, "Mythology and Irish Nationalism. The Claim of the Past" by Georg Grote, "Progressive Mythology and History Men" by David Doughan, "Blake’s King Arthur: Mankind’s Hope or Satan’s Representative?" by Jodi Quinn, "Words and the Word: Kenneth Burke’s Logology and T.S. Eliot’s Mythology" by Lawrence Coupe, "Approaches to Middle-earth" by Patrick Curry, "Power and the Nature of Humanity in the Writings of Tolkien" by John Flood and "Mythology as World Vision or Word Version in John Cowper Powys’ Wolf Solent". Herdruk. Geniet omslag.*