Lembas-extra 2022: Númenor

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Paperback. 1e druk. Omslag van Lúthien Dulk. Dertien artikelen over Númenor, alle in het Engels.*

David Bratman - CS Lewis, Númenórean

Lorenzo Carrera Bloise - The Composition of The Downfall of Númenor

Nils Ivar Agoy - The Stopgap Second Age

Hamish Williams - The Five Ages of Tolkien's Greek Thalassocracy

Renée Vink - Imperialisme and Colonialism in Second Age Middle-earth

                     - Númenor's volcanic outburst and The Great Wave

José Boto - Law in Númenor

David Dodds - Faithful cultus in Númenor and Númenórean Middle-earth

Kristine Larsen - Tar-Meneldur and the Royal Sorontil Observatory

Lukasz Neubauer - A Biblical gloss to the witnesses of Manwë

Henk Looijestein - A reappraisal of the last queen of Númenor

 Pamina Camacho - Tolkien, Plato and the trap of realism