Za Frûmi, Barrow Wights

  • Beschrijving
Tom Bombadil’s Collectors proudly present Za Frumi’s «Barrow Wights», a take from Sweden’s very own dark-fantasy project on the deeper and more obscure side of Tolkien’s work. While musically, Za Frûmi stand as an outstanding epic, filmed-inspired, medieval and martial ambient music (sang in the legendary Orc’s Black Speech), the book accompanying the CD delves into the secrets of the Middle-Earth’s darkest side. This is fantastic music with a black aura that will crush your soul either you use it as an utter instrument of self-meditation, soundtrack for your role-play games, atmospherics for late-night reading sessions or simple breath-taking listening pleasure.
Cd in geïllustreerd boek, verpakt in een foedraal. Gelimiteerd tot 1000 genummerde exemplaren.*