Rohirrim Royal Guard mini-schild. Weta 0035

  • Beschrijving

Dit miniatuur-schild van metaal en emaille kan als een speld gedragen worden en wordt geleverd met een polystone toonbord. 15x8 cm. Gelimiteerd tot 2000 exemplaren. Doosje ontbreekt.*
As the protectors of the Golden Hall of Edoras, the Royal Guards of Rohan were issued with regal uniforms of scale and plate as well as richly endowed weapons and shields. The green colour drawn from the steppe and plains that make up the vast domain of the Rohirrim.
While the Rohirrim plainsmen bore their own unique weaponry and armour in battle, the royal guardsmen of Edoras stood in the livery of their king and shining mail. A sword or spear in one hand they bore a wide round shield in the other, its wooden face clad in green leather and emblazoned with the etched crest of Rohan, a rayed golden Sun.

Exact miniature version of the actual prop Weta made for The Lord Of The Rings, made by the same artists and craftsmen who made the original.