Patrick Curry, Defending Middle-earth

Tolkien: Myth and Modernity

HoughtonMifflin, 2004. 1e druk. Paperback. "Curry asks why a book that is so loved by readers continues to attract such critical hostility. In a spirited defence of Tolkien's mythological creation, this new study holds that far from being reactionary and 'escapist'".*

Janet Brennan Croft (red), Tolkien and Shakespeare

Essays on Shared Themes and Languages

London, 2007. 1e druk. Paperback.
Tolkien and Shakespeare: one a prolific popular dramatist and poet of the Elizabethan era, the other a twentieth-century scholar of Old English and author of a considerably smaller body of work. Though unquestionably very different writers, the two have more in common than one might expect. These essays focus on the broad themes and motifs which concerned both authors. They seek to uncover Shakespeare's influence on Tolkien through echoes of the playwright's themes and even word choices, discovering how Tolkien used, revised, updated, "corrected," and otherwise held an ongoing dialogue with Shakespeare's works.

The depiction of Elves and the world of Faerie, and how humans interact with them, are some of the most obvious points of comparison and difference for the two writers. Both Tolkien and Shakespeare deeply explored the uses and abuses of power with princes, politics, war, and the lessons of history. Magic and prophecy were also of great concern to both authors, and the works of both are full of encounters with the Other: masks and disguises, mirrors that hide and reveal, or seeing stones that show only part of the truth.*
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Russell W. Dalton, Faith Journey through Fantasy Lands

A Christian Dialogue with Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings

Minneapolis, 2003.  Een bespreking van Christelijke thematiek in fantasy. Paperback.*

Cath Filmer-Davies, Towards a Good Death: The Fantasy Fiction of C.S. Lewis

Nimrod Publication, 1998

1e druk. Geniet omslag.*

Di Archer e.a., The Lord of the Rings. What the Bible say about themes of mission, power, wisdom and courage

Connect, 2002. Geniet omslag.
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Matthew Dickerson, Following Gandalf

Epic Battles of Moral Victory in The Lord of the Rings

Grand Rapids, 2004. "At the center lie the issues of free will and moral choice, which are explored firmly but flexibly throughout Tolkien's universe." Paperback.*

Matthew Dickerson en Jonathan Evans, Ents, Elves and Eriador

The Environmental Vision of JRR Tolkien

University Press of Kentucky, 2006. 1e druk. Ingebonden. "the importance of the land in the stories of Tolkien". Met een nawoord van Tom Shippey.*

Matthew Dickerson, A Hobbit Journey

Discovering the Enchantment of JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth

Brazos, 2012. Paperback.

In this engaging and thought-provoking book, Tolkien expert Matthew Dickerson shows how a Christian worldview and Christian themes undergird Tolkien's Middle-earth writings and how they are fundamentally important to understanding his vision. This revised and expanded edition of Following Gandalf includes new material on torture, social justice, and the importance of the body.*

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Robert Eaglestone (red.), Reading The Lord of the Rings

New Writings on Tolkien's Classic

Londen, 2005. Twaalf artikelen over Tolkien, onderverdeeld in 4 delen: "Context and Criticism", "Space, place and community", "Gender, sexuality and class", "Tolkien's futures". 1e druk. Paperback.*

Bradford Lee Eden (red.), Middle-earth Minstrel

Essays on Music in Tolkien

McFarland, 2010. 1e druk. Paperback. Collectie artikelen over muziekale thema's in Tolkiens werk.*

Julian Eilmann, JRR Tolkien: Romantiker und Lyriker

Oldib, 2016. 1e druk. Paperback. Dissertatie over Tolkien in het Duits. De Engelse vertaling van dit boek staat in de Societies publicaties - Walking Tree sectie van de webwinkel.*

Gracia Fay Ellwood, Good News from Tolkien's Middle-earth

Two Essays on the "Applicability" of The Lord of the Rings.

Eerdmans, 1973. 2de druk. Paperback. Geïllustreerd met foto's. "documents with scholarly breadth and precision parallels from ancient mythologies, primal religions, and modern anthropology, psychology and theology". Antiquarisch: goede conditie (bruine vlekjes, hoekje uit eerste schutblad geknipt).*
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Robert Ellwood, Frodo's Quest

Living the Myth in The Lord of the Rings

Open Court, 2002. Een theosofische kijk op Tolkien. Geïllustreerd door Bonnie Callahan en Anke Eissmann. Paperback.*

Anne Etkin (red.), Eglerio!

In Praise of Tolkien

Quest, 1978. 1e druk. Paperback. Geïllustreerd met foto's en tekeningen. Diverse artikelen over Tolkien, waaronder twee brieven over Tolkien van C.S. Lewis, diens overlijdingsbericht van Tolkien (geschreven toen Tolkien nog niet dood was), een artikel over de toen net gepubliceerde Silmarillion e.d. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Robert Evans, J.R.R. Tolkien

Writers for the 70's

Crowell, 1972. 1e druk. Paperback. "As Evens brings out, this victory of faith and affirmation over sterility and living-death seems particular relevant in our own age of anti-heroes". Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Vincent Ferré, Tolkien: sur les rivages de la Terre du Milieu

Christian Bourgois Éditeur, 2001. 1e druk. Paperback. Omslag van Tolkien. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Vincent Ferré (ed.), Tolkien, trente ans après (1973-2003)

Chrisitan Bourgois, 2004. 1e druk. Paperback. Collectie van15 artikelen over Tolkien en een interview met John Howe. Bijdragen van Tom Shippey, Verlyn Flieger, Thomas Honegger, Michael Deveaux e.a.. Franstalig. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat.*

Verlyn Flieger, Splintered Light. Logos and Language in Tolkien's World. Revised Edition

Kent, 2002

Paperback. "presents a clear and moving picture of the dominant motifs in Tolkien's thought." Een van de meest invloedrijke studies naar Tolkien.*

Verlyn Flieger, A Question of Time. J.R.R. Tolkien's Road to Faërie

Kent State University, 2002

Paperback. Foto van Tolkien op het omslag. "Flieger’s investigation of time and dream in Tolkien’s fiction breaks new critical ground and includes intriguing excerpts from the manuscripts drafts of Tolkien’s seminal essay ‘On Fairy Stories’ and from his unpublished commentary on Smith of Wootton Major."*

Verlyn Flieger, Interrupted Music. The Making of Tolkien's Mythology

Kent State University Press, 2005

Flieger analyseert de werkwijze van Tolkien bij het constueren van zijn mythologie, waarbij parallellen getrokken worden met andere verzonnen mytenconstructies, zoals die van Spenser, Milton en Blake. 1e druk. Paperback. Omslag van Ted Nasmith. *

Verlyn Flieger (red.), Tolkien's Legendarium

Essays on The History of Middle-earth

Greenwood Press, 2000. 1e druk. Ingebonden (geen stofomslag uitgegeven).

As a scholar of mediaeval languages and literature, J.R.R. Tolkien brought to his fiction an intense interest in myth and legend. When he died in 1973, he left behind a vast body of unpublished material related to his fictive mythology. Now edited and published as "The History of Middle-Earth" by his son and literary executor, Christopher Tolkien, these 12 volumes provide a record of the growth of J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology from its beginnings in 1917 to the time of his death more than 50 years later. The material in these volumes offers an insight into Tolkien's process of myth-making and is a guide to the world of his literary works. An opening essay by Rayner Unwin, Tolkien's publisher for many years, surveys the publication history of the collection. The essays that follow, each written by an expert contributor, explore a wide range of topics related to "The History of Middle-Earth". Included are discussions of Tolkien's languages, the evolution of his vision over time, the shifting importance of central characters, and the effect of his mythology on "The Lord of the Rings". By exploring this mythological compendium, the volume sheds further light on the entire body of J.R.R.

Verlyn Flieger, Green Suns and Faërie

Essays on JRR Tolkien

Kent State University Press, 2012. Paperback. Omslag door Ted Nasmith.

The essays are divided into three distinct sections. The first explores Tolkien's ideas of sub-creation--the making of a Secondary World and its relation to the real world, the second looks at Tolkien's reconfiguration of the medieval story tradition, and the third places his work firmly within the context of the twentieth century and "modernist" literature. With discussions ranging from Tolkien's concepts of the hero to the much-misunderstood nature of Bilbo's last riddle in The Hobbit, Flieger reveals Tolkien as a man of both medieval learning and modern sensibility--one who is deeply engaged with the past and future, the regrets and hopes, the triumphs and tragedies, and above all the profound difficulties and dilemmas of his troubled century.

Taken in their entirety, these essays track a major scholar's deepening understanding of the work of the master of fantasy. Green Suns and Faërie is sure to become a cornerstone of Tolkien scholarship.*

Verlyn Flieger, There Would Always Be a Fairy Tale

More Essays on Tolkien

Kent State University, 2017. 1e druk. Paperback.

Devoted to Tolkien, the teller of tales and co-creator of the myths they brush against, these essays focus on his lifelong interest in and engagement with fairy stories, the special world that he called faërie, a world they both create and inhabit, and with the elements that make that world the special place it is. They cover a range of subjects, from The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings and their place within the legendarium he called the Silmarillion to shorter works like “The Story of Kullervo” and “Smith of Wootton Major.”

From the pen of eminent Tolkien scholar Verlyn Flieger, the individual essays in this collection were written over a span of twenty years, each written to fit the parameters of a conference, an anthology, or both. They are revised slightly from their original versions to eliminate repetition and bring them up to date. Grouped loosely by theme, they present an unpatterned mosaic, depicting topics from myth to truth, from social manners to moral behavior, from textual history to the micro particles of Middle-earth.

Together these essays present a complete picture of a man as complicated as the books that bear his name—an independent and unorthodox thinker who was both a believer and a doubter able to maintain conflicting ideas in tension, a teller of tales both romantic and bitter, hopeful and pessimistic, in equal parts tragic and comedic. A man whose work does not seek for right or wrong answers so much as a way to accommodate both; a man of antitheses.

Scholars of fantasy literature generally and of Tolkien particularly will find much of value in this insightful collection by a seasoned explorer of Tolkien’s world of faërie.*

Laurence Gardner, Realm of the Ring Lords

The Ancient Legacy of the Ring and the Grail

Element, 2004. 1e druk in deze vorm. Paperback. Geïllustreerd met kleurenfoto's. Studie naar het rng- en graalmotief in mythologie en literatuur, met veel verwijzingen naar Tolkien. Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat (stempel op schutblad).

Henry Gee, The Science of Middle-earth

New York, 2004

Een luchtige bestudering van Midden-aarde door een wetenschapper. 1e druk. Paperback.
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Peter Gilliver e.a., The Ring of Words

Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary

OUP, 2006. Tolkiens werk voor het woordenboek. 1e druk. Ingebonden.*

Diana Glyer, The Company They Keep

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as Writers in Community

Kent State University Press, 2007. 1e druk. Ingebonden. Een studie naar de interactie van de schrijvers in de Inklings.*

Karen Haber (red.), Meditations on Middle-earth. New York, 2001

New Writings on the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien

Bekende fantasy-schrijvers (zoals Orson Scott Card, Ursula LeGuin, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Pratchett) geven hun visie op Tolkien. Geïllustreerd in z/w door John Howe, die ook het omslag deed. 1e druk. Ingebonden.

Karen Haber (red.), Meditations on Middle-earth. Londen, 2003

Bekende fantasy-schrijvers (zoals Orson Scott Card, Ursula LeGuin, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Pratchett) geven hun visie op Tolkien. Geïllustreerd in z/w door John Howe, die ook het omslag deed. 1e druk. Pocket.

K. Hamaker, Psychische groei en individuatiesymboliek

in Tolkiens In de Ban van de Ring

BF Uitgeverij, 2008. 1e druk. Paperback. Geïllustreerd.

Vanaf 2004 heeft Karen workshops gegeven over de symboliek van ‘In de Ban van de Ring’ in het licht van de Jungiaanse psychologie. Op veler verzoek heeft Karen de tekst nu te boek gesteld. Ze analyseert thema’s als individuatie, schaduw, animus en anima en geeft bij elk thema de filmfragmenten aan die erbij horen, zodat de lezer deze kan bekijken en de diepere betekenis ervan kan begrijpen.*

Wayne Hammond en Christina Scull (red.), The Lord of the Rings 1954-2004

Scholarship in Honor of Richard E. Blackwelder

Marquette, 2006. Bundel van het congres dat in oktober 2004 aan de Marquette Universiteit werd gehouden. Bevat lezingen van de "gebruikelijke verdachten": Tom Shippey, Verlyn Flieger, Marjorie Burns, Jane Chance. Michael Drout, Mike Foster, de redacteuren en anderen. 1e druk. Ingebonden (geen stofomslag uitgegeven).*

Gene B. Hardy, Cliff Notes on Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings


Gemaakt voor middelbare scholieren. Geeft een korte biografie, samenvattingen, analyse en huiswerk. Geniet omslag.

Join the journey through Middle–earth in the study guide of these two epic fantasies suggestive of life in medieval days, a classical battle between good and evil and the quest for a magical ring. This guide covers all four volumes of this unforgettable fantasy.

Trevor Hart (red.), Tree of Tales

Tolkien, Literature and Theology

Baylor University Press, 2007. 1e druk. Paperback. Collectie van zeven artikelen: "Tolkien, St. Andrews and Dragons", "Tolkien and Lewis", "Tolkien's Mythopoesis", "Tolkien, Creation and Creativity", "Tolkien and the Future of Literary Studies", "Tolkien and the Surrendering of Power", "Tolkien's Augustinian Understanding of Good and Evil".*

David Harvey, The Song of Middle-earth

JRR Tolkien's Themes, Symbols and Myths

George Allen & Unwin, 1985. 1e druk. Ingebonden. "takes a fresh look at the historical background of The Lord of the Rings". Antiquarisch: zeer goede staat (prijs geknipt).*

David Harvey, The Song of Middle-earth

JRR Tolkien's Themes, Symbols and Myths

George Allen & Unwin, 1985. 1e druk. Ingebonden. "takes a fresh look at the historical background of The Lord of the Rings". Antiquarisch: goede staat (ex bibliotheek exemplaar, stofomslag geplastificeerd, stempel op schutblad).*

David Harvey, The Song of Middle-earth (paperback)

JRR Tolkien's Themes, Symbols and Myths

HarperCollins, 2016. Paperback.

Available for the first time in paperback, this is the pre-eminent critical study, and exploration, of how myth and legend played such a significant role in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Song of Middle-earth takes a fresh look at The Lord of the Rings, digging deep into the foundations of Tolkien’s world to reveal the complex tapestry of history and mythology that lies behind his stories.

The charge that Tolkien's work was merely derivative – that he extracted elements from other mythologies and incorporated them into his own fiction – is dismissed in favour of a fascinating examination of the rich historical background to Middle-earth.

From the mythic tradition of the Tales told in The Book of Lost Tales: I to the significance of oral storytelling throughout the history of Middle-earth, this book examines the common themes of mythology found within Tolkien’s work.

In doing so, The Song of Middle-earth demonstrates how Tolkien’s desire to create a new mythology for England is not only apparent in his writing, but also realised.*

Greg Harvey, The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-earth for Dummies.

The fun and easy way to explore the myths and themes of The Lord of the Rings

Wiley, 2003. Naslagwerk met een komische noot, hier en daar wat kort door de bocht, maar lang niet slecht. Geïllustreerd. A basic guide to some of the possible linguistic and mythological origins of Middle earth, and a rudimentary analysis of its many themes and lessons for our world. It includes topics that explore the main themes in Tolkien's works, including immortality and death; the heroic quest; love; fate and free will; and faith and redemption. *
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Dinah Hazell, The Plants of Middle-earth

Botany and Sub-creation

Kent State, 2006. 1e druk. Ingebonden. "unique in using botany as the focal point for examining the complex network of elements that comprise Tolkien's creation". Geïllustreerd met tientallen kleuren- en z/w platen van planten en bomen.*
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Rolland Hein, Christian Mythmakers: C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, G.K. Chesteron and others

Cornerstone, 2002

Tweede editie met een extra hoofdstuk over Dante. Paperback. "Explores how they influenced and inspired one another, and identifies the symbols and emblems in their works."*

Randel Helms, Tolkien's World (HoM)

Myth, Magic and Meaning

HoughtonMifflin, 1974. Ingebonden. 1e druk. Antiquarisch: goede staat (rug verbleekt, price clipped).*